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Tools for Success

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Business app

Regardless of an event’s size or perceived audience ‘tech-savvy’ factor, I want to encourage all of you event organizer types out there to find and implement a mobile app at your next event.


This is what is on many of our minds these days, weighing heavily as we ponder the reality of another great city experiencing random terror and mass killing. We at TeccSociety are part of the worldwide community that stands together against those who would kill indiscriminately and envision a world where violence ultimately isn’t the answer. 

At today’s events, there is no excuse for inadequate WiFi. Business events depend upon connections for trade shows, conventions, conferences, product launches, expositions, and corporate events, the exchange of information and ideas relies on emails, websites, social media exchanges, streaming video demonstrations, document downloads, and the whole wide world of the web.

Event technology continues to evolve at an accelerated pace and as buyers believe they have mastered one solution, there is most likely another solution that is better and more effective launching or at least on the horizon to, that will exceed expectations.

The likelihood of event organizers staying ahead of the event technology innovation curve would be challenging; however, there is hope and definitely a light at the end of the tunnel for buyers to achieve ultimate success.