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It isn’t because of the concern that they would be sharing anything top secret, it is just often very embarrassing how much time, energy and money (and we are talking about a lot of money) has been spent.

It isn’t that most organizations aren’t interested in their solutions.  It isn’t that there are tools, a few tools, that can begin to take on the problems of the ‘data doomed’.

Many show organizers are looking for ways to enhance or replace their website assets.  During the research, it is important to ask questions that help look under the hood of a technology organization.

  • Do they consider their expertise in Design or Development?
  • What is their Pricing Model?
  • What references/completed projects can they provide?


Over the past fifteen years event technology has accelerated at an amazing pace and will continue with this momentum.  As a meeting professional, navigating these digital oceans has definitely been trial and error, with a few misses along the way, but for the most part, a rewarding experience. One of my favorite “miss” stories was coordinating a live-stream that connected home office employees with an offsite meeting, and learning the hard way that Internet bandwidth isn’t “one size fits all”!

An interview with TeccSociety Member Eric Ly, co-founder of LinkedIn and founder and CEO of Presdo, as he provides his insights on event industry data challenges — and a potential solution that could revolutionize the marketplace. 

What data challenges are event organizers experiencing?
Event organizers want to gather good data to better market to their audience, yet they can’t.