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Eligible TeccSociety Members include professionals tasked with the acquisition and execution of technology in online and onsite, communities with a minimum of one year of experience and involved in organization technology assignments and/or strategies. Eligible partners include suppliers engaged in meeting technology solutions, products and services. Read more...

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The most common thing I’m seeing in all my feeds right now (because it’s bias and all I want to see obviously) is this issue with “fake news” on Facebook. Everyone is blaming Mark Zuckerberg for the problem that 99% of news is basically real but that pesky 1% lost us the election (yes I voted for #her) and needs to be solved ASAP. Well it’s not that easy.

In his new book, Thank You For Being Late, An Optimist's Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations, internationally renowned author, reporter, and Pulitzer Prize writer Thomas L. Friedman describes the fundamental movements that are reshaping the world today.

The evolution of mobile application technology continues to accelerate with tremendous momentum in the market space. During a recent DFW IAEE Chapter meeting Stephen Nold, Co-Founder and President of TeccSociety, moderated a panel including three industry experts uncovering current trends, strategies and pitfalls with deploying mobile apps today.

I remember 12 years ago when I was working at Reed Exhibitions the company was transitioning from using paper coupons for event registration to online registration.  Yes, millennials, you read that right – paper coupons!